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EUI Landscape Design

“The landscape of the commercial site is a huge part of the appeal of the location.”


Your one-stop-shop to handle your commercial landscaping, irrigation, pump stations, and sports field requirements.

The landscape of the commercial site is a huge part of the appeal of the location. It is important that it is designed properly and aesthetically pleasing. Our company is here to work from start to finish with every aspect of the landscape process.

EARTHSCAPES UNLIMITED, INC. offers unlimited capabilities to help you design, build, and see your project come to fruition. We serve our area with expertise and professionalism.

When dealing with underground utility construction, it can be frustrating to deal with multiple people in all areas of the build. That’s one of the benefits of working with our team here at GMC.

We provide you with one point of contact to help you from start to finish.

Our underground utility services include everything from trenching the utility plat to finish grading. Discover our underground services below to see how we can do everything needed to help you prep, design, and build your residential, commercial and/or governmental project.

Design & Installation

The design of a commercial property is key in making a great impression on clients. This is the first thing they notice about the property. Our design team can help create a beautiful, appealing landscape design that also works with the needs of the property. Our installation technicians take the design and make it come to life. We can install our design or one you already have in mind.

Irrigation Water Management

To keep the landscaping you’ve got on your property looking beautiful, it’s important to have the proper irrigation system & water management in place. Our team can design and install the proper irrigation system to remove stormwater drainage, water and maintain the vegetation.

Pavers & Hardscapes

Pavers and hardscape installation are easy to do with our team. We understand the beautiful touch this adds to the landscape design. We can easily install any type of paver or hardscape that may be in the current design layout.

Landscape Lighting

Lighting is another crucial part of the landscape design process. Our company works to install low-voltage lighting that accents the landscape without leaving a huge energy drain on the site itself.

Event Sports Fields

EUI can help you bring home your field of dreams. Our team works with contractors who specialize in the development of a variety of event sports fields that become a focal point of a commercial project.